Fish Fly in the Sea

March 11, 2009
By Katie Drackert BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
Katie Drackert BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
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If I was a fish I would fly in the sea.
For all I know that's what I could be.
But that's not what God made me.
He made me to walk.
Not to fly, maybe I just shouldn't be up that high.
Maybe I shouldn't be able to touch the sky in the sea.
Maybe human is all I should be.
The only thing that's normal is the word.
Saying what's normal is absoutley obserd.
Normal isn't moving forward its not moving back,
its not having you life perfectly on track.
Normal is just a fib.
that were made to believe that's what were supposed to be since we were in a diaper and a bib.
So just go beat society.
Make yourself against the so called "variety"
Make normal seem stupid
And say fish can fly.
And that animals could look at you and say "oh my"
this poem makes no sense.
maybe its just worth a six-pence.
but i just write what's in my brain,
who cares, maybe i'm slightly insane.
well you know what.
so are you.
Maybe your talent isn't writing.
Maybe its fighting.
But always make sure,
That you know that maybe the fish flying in the sea,
That human is all they wish they could be.

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I was totally out of it.
Its one of those things that makes sense, but doesn't :)

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