Basically, I love you.

March 11, 2009
By Katie Drackert BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
Katie Drackert BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
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You say 'I think this is going to fast too soon'
Well you know what, I'm sorry that this to you seems like doom.
Because to me you mean more than the moon,

Now I have to wait.
For the date.
When you call me again.
The day when my phone rings.
I hear your voice, all proper and poised
And you decide.
Yes no.
Maybe so.
As of now,
I don't know.
How can you leave me here hanging, dangling?
Like a worm on a hook,
A page that's about to fall out of a book.
Just look.
At how much we've gone through, where we've been,
Is this a sin?
To make yourself this vulnerable.
To like someone this much,
I'm sorry, but I can't change that,
I can't change the fact that we like each other 'too much'
That we are 'too young'
You're lucky to have something like this, its bliss.
I just wish you could see it that way,
You're lucky to have young love,
To have someone that means this much,
Just step on your brakes,
Slow down for a minute,
Don't over think,
Its making you sink deeper into thought,
Over which your thought's we have fought.
Just live your life,
Because sometime's your words can cut like a knife,
I know you said you just have to think for a few days,
But it seems like waiting from December to May.
This hurts, it worries me,
I'm deprived of deep sleep,
Because its you I want to keep,
With me,
Don't you see?
You mean too much to me,
These words aren't even half of what I feel,
I'm just a new driver at the wheel.
Not sure where to turn or when to stop,
It's not like I know where to go either,
But all I know is that I want you by my side for the ride,
There's going to be twists and turns,
It might make your stomach churn,
But just know that one day we'll get to our destination, together we will go,
Let's just play the receiver and not the deceiver,
And take what comes to us.
I can't tell the future or what's going to happen,
And neither can you.
So stop worrying,
Its just not going to do anything for you,
All you can do is just remember that I love you.
And hopefully,
I'll be that worm you take off of the book,
Or the page that you tape back in your book.
Just don't let this be the last look you take.
Because it would be a mistake,
To let something go that you love,
Just because your scared,
Live above your fear,
And every tear,
Just let your heart steer,
Not your head,
So as you lay in bed,
Thinking about this,
Just understand,
What you have is bliss,
Your girl to kiss,
And I have my boy,
He's not just some toy,
He's a boy that I love,
That I open my heart too,
I love you.

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This article has 2 comments.

on Apr. 28 2009 at 7:45 pm
Katie Drackert BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
2 articles 3 photos 1 comment
aww thank youu!

on Mar. 23 2009 at 5:13 pm
mamacassx33 BRONZE, Rotterdam, New York
4 articles 6 photos 22 comments feeling the same thing right now...this is amazing....there is know way to make this any more perfect!

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