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March 11, 2009
By TwisstdPoet SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
TwisstdPoet SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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To do today
To do everyday
Or in the next 14 hours
Get up with the birds, and the babies, and
Your mom just drank the last of the coffee
Get out the door, down the street, to catch the bus, and
You left your keys on the couch
For your first three periods you need:
The red notebook with the green binder and
The purple folder that got doodled on and
That book your friend said you're reading in class and
A ten pound text book for that final third period
But don't forget that you changed your combination
There's a test in French, but that's delayed and
Then you need 20 note cards for math but only in yellow and
If you brought your essay on Friday today you need a red pen but
If that project didn't get done first then you blow off everything
For homework there's 2nd period to do in 3rd and
4th period you did in 6th along with 5th period
but since 1st period is last tomorrow
you better do at least a little homework at home, right
after your brother's new puppy gets walked because
it's all his responsibility so you better not forget the trainer leash
while scheduling the visit from Comcast because the internet is slo-
ow thanks to the 2 laptops and your dad's old desktop
but mom left a note on the board that's two weeks old saying
she'll be home late so cook dinner even though the grocery list
is a mile long and there's nothing in the fridge so walk to
the store with Fido here and when you get back make sure to do that
project that your brother got in history but can't seem to finish cuz
he's feeling a little faint but
While your at it make sure you commit an hour to your
Myspace because if you don't then Jamie gets
Offended and tells Maria who starts complaining to
Brian who will bug you on the bus tomorrow
That is
If you remember your keys.

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