Color My World

March 11, 2009
Blue - is when you're quite, deep in thought, when you stray away from things that are surrounding you.
Yellow ' is your happiness that spreads from person to person. It's your smile, it's your laugh, it's like you're the sun spreading light on everyone. Yellow is your personality, bright and colorful out there for the whole world to see.
Brown ' browns your eyes, soft and warm ' yet always very serious like you're hiding something, hiding it and hoping no one sees.
Red ' the color of a pair of sunglasses you had on once, the color of my cheeks when you catch me watching you. Red is the color of romance and love.
Green ' green is of grass under my bare feet, the color of money, which I was holding when you kept you hand on mine, longer than necessary.
Orange ' the color of fun - which I have with you, it's the color of our friendship, bright and colorful, never dull.
Pink ' the color of lips, yours, mine, everyone's. But yours are the ones I want to kiss, pink is a girly color, the color of Valentines Day, the color of pretty which you make me feel.
Purple ' The color I was wearing when you whispered that broke up with your girl friend, the color of my nails when you drew a smiley on my wrist. Purple the color of my highlights the day you said my quirkiness was cute, twice.
Black ' the color of mourning and sadness ' which I had so much of, what I never feel around you. The shield I put on to hid my self from the world ' which you see though.
White ' is a color of purity, its clean ' like a page from a sketch pad ready to be drawn on, of paper which I write my secret thoughts of you on, the color of a page in life ready for us to write our story on.

The rainbow is made of many beautiful colors, to each person they mean something different; remind them of a different story or feeling. Each color is unique just like each person, in life you can be color you want to be, and you get to choose not me, not your mom or dad ' you.

Me? I am a rainbow, because I want to bring hope, which a rainbow during a thunderstorm shows ' it says to hang in there a little longer hope is coming. I encourage you to be any or all colors of the rainbow ' as long as you choose.

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