Under The Wave

March 11, 2009
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The lake holds peace
With it's iridescent beauty.
The tide pulls in and out.
Carrying out broken dreams,
Bringing in pure serenity.
The remnants glazing over each stone.
The timeless beauty simply emanating.
A water snake creeps alongshore all alone.
Gliding beneath a thin film of water.
Reflecting the sky above.
The Sun sets.
The Moon is near.
The crickets are singing,
The sky sheds a tear.
The rain starts to fall.
The wind starts to whir.
The once serene place
Is now a total blur.
Lightning cracks.
Thunder roars.
The tide becomes violent,
Slapping the Earth.
Trees are swaying.
Leaves are flying.
The sound of the wind on the brink of profane.
Now I come to realize
To me, the Earth was lying.
The serene beauty merely covered up
A storm of anger,
Of hatred,
Pain built up.
'I get it!' I roar.
'You're hurting, I get it!'
The wind starts to slow,
Sky's clearing up.
Soon, the dark violent storm rages no more.
The Sun sets,
The Moon is here.
The orange glow
Lighting up its atmosphere.
I stand still and stare.
Then say with pride:
'I put the Earth to rest tonight.'

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