New Moon

March 11, 2009
By lullu GOLD, St. Paul, Minnesota
lullu GOLD, St. Paul, Minnesota
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I see you in my dreams.

I see you in my sleep.

I see you in broad daylight.

I see you in the night.

I see you when I'm drowning.

I see you when I'm falling.

I see you when I'm not seeing so clearly.

Edward Cullen,

Help me!

Edward Cullen,

Rescue me,

From this agony!

I'm afraid of losing you,

Because when you're gone,

A piece of me is gone.

Just like when Romeo leaves Juliet!

It's only you Edward I want,

So don't forget!!!!!

My love is the same for you and ever more.

But consider what is best.

May I ask you a favor for this one thing?

Which looms on my mind?

You are the most delicate creature and I'm a beast.

Do not forget it!

You are so fragile and I'm so destructible.

I cause danger and you are

So culpable to danger.

I cannot fathom the mess I've brought you into.

I know you deserve a normal life.

I know you cannot forget in me and everything.

But I ask of you to try. Please try!

I must leave you Belle.

Goodbye and Farewell.

Will I ever see such beauty in my life?

Do you truly think I can live on?

How can I ever replace such love with just a teenage date?

How can one's kiss feel ever so sweet for such an inhuman creature?

Oh, Edward you'll hurt me more if you go.

Please do not go.

The author's comments:
New Moon, by Stephanie Meyer deals with an intense love story about a vampire and a human who both go to school in Forks. This is the sequel to Twilight, which is one of the most popular books read today. In New moon, Edward leaves Bella causing her to mentally struggle through life. The book descriptively shows her change in behavior by being numb and expressionless to the outside world which worries both of her friends and her family. It is like she's in a coma without Edward. Then, she wakes up and starts to move past her hard painful depression state and she replaces it with being a reckless teenager. She starts to break the rules by riding motorcycles, jumping of cliffs, and taking more risks, in order to feel closer to Edward. She does stupid things because she hears him say thing s in her mind. It is a sick game, but she somehow feels comfort in her hallucinations. Along the way of her rebellion, she also forms a relationship with Jacob, who starts to realize his ancestry by becoming a werewolf. The problem is, Jacob, and the werewolves and Edward and the vampires do not get along. This creates tension for Bella since; she wants to be with both in the end. And in the end, Edward wins her heart once again.

At first I did not like this book until later on. I felt a connection with Bella in Twilight because she and I both went to Seattle Washington and survived a car accident. I began to appreciate New Moon when I thought of it through a theatrical lens. I believe this book dealt with a lot of intense emotions teenagers go through. This book spoke to me when Edward and Bella were reunited after being away for so long. I felt a connection to knowing what it is like to have such a strong relationship with someone and then having to let it go. I felt New Moon could be written into a drama and so I started one. I hope that someday it would be made into a play, for it would be a vampire spectacular with fog and towers and pitch forks and so forth. Well the show must go on.

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on Apr. 21 2009 at 10:16 pm
lonelylife711 SILVER, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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i love him too!!!!!!! really cool poem. will you read my poem? its called "the invisible circle", by anonymous in MI.

Spiraldaddy said...
on Mar. 30 2009 at 5:52 am
Vampires and Werewolves, what's a poor girl to do! I suppose a lot of teenage girls go into a sort of coma where regular life just doesn't seem to be enough excitement but taking risks and experience some thrills - being with a dangerous man makes her feel alive. I don't think much has changed with young girls throughout history - such has always been the case.

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