My Ode to Blueberry Bagels

March 11, 2009
By Tim Langerhans BRONZE, Malvern, Pennsylvania
Tim Langerhans BRONZE, Malvern, Pennsylvania
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As I stroll down the bread aisle I come into sight,
of the wonderful blueberry stains of delight.
As my mouth waters from the sweet, fresh, smell,
I pick up the packages and give mom a yell.
'Hey Mom, we need bagels right?'
She just looks at me with the scariest sight.
I scream, 'Please, Mom, please!
I love these bagels like a disease.'
That's when I knew that a few became more than enough,
she replies with a smile and says, 'Tough.
We already have two dozen bagels at home,'
Why don't you eat them while you're on the phone?'
I state an 'okay' with a frown on my face,
I wish those bagels would just end up at my place.
I trudge to the car and turn around,
and what do I see, but those bagels staring me down.
So, I exclaim, 'Mom, we must go back!
I forgot to get some for Jack!'
She doesn't buy it and I'm all alone,
in the kitchen eating my calzone.
'I wish I had those bagels.' I say to myself,
but then I turn around and look on the shelf.
'We have bagels after all!' I scream.
She yells back, 'I know I bought some for the whole lacrosse team!'

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