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March 11, 2009
By Henry SILVER, Springfield, Missouri
Henry SILVER, Springfield, Missouri
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I do not discriminate against the young or old
I seek the weak, the foolish, and the bold
I do not stop at the famous or rich mans door
I have no sympathy or feelings for the poor
I thrive off the arrogant with their thoughts of greed
Lies and false hope to them is what I feed
I walk in the halls of your school
Destroying the lives of those who think they're cool
I'm often partnered with my close friend weed
We leave you empty starving with need
I give you your happiness and long awaited high
When it's over I leave you begging o how I love to hear you cry
I tear family and friends apart
I always offer you an excuse to start
For me people kill, abuse, and steal
The lies I've told have become real
Society locks my slaves in jail
But what they don't understand is that their laws will always fail
I've captured their soul and destroyed their mind
Their heart will forever be mine
People say they're clean but that's not true
I'm the only one who can decide when your pain is through
I've captured many and will capture many more
The death of the young is not all I have in store
I will give you the privilege of my name
I extend the invitation for you to join my game
The name I was born with is Cocaine
I love to destroy lives and cause pain
I may not have you in my grasp yet
But for you I will come next
You never know the day or time
But just know your heart will soon be mine

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