Shangri-la MAG

March 11, 2009
By georgina cannie SILVER, Needham, Massachusetts
georgina cannie SILVER, Needham, Massachusetts
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The day the starfish were high,
we were swimming toward the sun
and nirvana was only a stroke away.

We carried stories in our stomachs
and let them bubble up from our throats
until we could see them wrap around
the waists of street venders.

The merry-go-round music tangled in my hair
but I never wanted to shake it out.

Your breath was in my lungs
when the citrus-sucking sunshine
made your heart skip a beat.

Our feet burned black on the boardwalk
when we walked too far,
looking for where the ocean herself was born.

When the mermaids called our names,
we waded through tide pools,
let seaweed grow around our ankles
and promised never to uproot them.

And finally the seagulls brought us
aphrodisiacs from the Gods
so we climbed the lightning bolts
and became a new constellation.

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