I've got the dignity

March 11, 2009
By _ashleh BRONZE, Newark, Ohio
_ashleh BRONZE, Newark, Ohio
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I've got my dignity in my back pocket
I'm not so sure what to do with it.
I'm not sure if I should bring it out
And show to the world that I have some.
But I have this weird feeling,
That everyone is either for,
Or against me.
And here lately,
It feels more like everyone is against me.
The world works in strange ways
Leaving people bewildered, lost, confused.
Nobody really know how this world is going to work
Or ever will work.
Everyone is filled with these lies,
There must be a recipe for them
Because I can't seem to find the right now
To say a fake feeling.
All I ever do anymore
Is fake my smile
And laugh that laugh, which I don't even mean.
It gets to you a lot.
Especially when you're so bewildered by your own thoughts
And keeping them so secluded
That you are constantly thinking,
Wondering what's going to happen next.
You really have no idea.
Someday, when you're elder,
You will know the meaning of life.
You will know exactly why you were born.
Everyone was born for a reason,
I hope you know that.
Because I know I sure do,
I figured that out, kind of the hard way.
I've got to keep at least one eye open,
Even when I sleep.
Not because I'm scared of sleeping,
But I'm scared to lost another person,
Another person in my life
That I love.
So many people have came into my life,
Unpacked, settled in,
And then just up and left, without notice.
It's almost like I'm not perfect enough.
Reality check,
Nobody is perfect.
People need to realize this.
When you meet someone,
Who is supposed to be in your life
Until you die.
You will know because you two will never fight,
Will never argue
And to eachother, you two will be perfect.
Beauty is in the eyes, of the optimist.
A pessimist sees all these negative things in life.
Let me be your extra boost of optimism,
Or at least I can try.
You need to live life while you can,
Because if you don't
You'll regret it later.
Maybe not two years down the road,
But maybe ten or fifteen.
You never know what is going to become of you
So all you really need to do is smile,
Take in everything someone says,
Let them talk bad about you,
They are only making you stronger.
If you resist the fight
And take it all in
And ignore it,
You are the better person,
No matter what anyone says.
You just need that extra boost,
That extra confidence
And I'm here to help.
Everyone needs a best friend,
Someone they consider family.
If you just keep your head up
And never let anyone see you fall,
Then you will succeed
And be the one to prevail.

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