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Twitch Perfect's the name
For it's my claim
that this show leads to fame
Could there be a better name
for a one man show
That others don't know
is performed a capella
What a tictastic fella
Who could silence a room
with one sonic boom
That comes from his throat
I don't mean to gloat
He belts higher than Idena
but he's no Ballerina
Though he performs at random
he has a big fandom
It's quite a loud show
There's none like it I know
Where the cast's never off pitch
though the keys always switch
So who really knows
if that's the way the show goes
Now the audience is clapping
to avoid a twitch slapping
And they awkwardly smile
that will last for a while
Their hearing's quite damaged
The performer is famished
After ticking like crazy
one becomes quite lazy
He will now sleep 'til noon
to awake and resume
So be ready my friends
You won't know when it ends
But enjoy the show
Just go with the flow
of this twitch perfect show

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