Dear Past Me

November 21, 2016

I wish I could hold you,
And comfort you when you are low.

I wish I could tell you that it will be okay,
But I know I cannot reverse time.
You are very strong,
Yet I know you do not believe that.
You are not as alone as it may seem,
For we all go through hard times.
The ultimate test is to remain your sweet self,
And never forget about the ones who love you.

However, some people may not like you,
And you have to rise above them.
Your heart may be heavy,
But God will help you push through
You will cross paths with disgusting people,
But love them when they are wrong.
They may not understand the hurt that you feel,
Because they are simply unaware of their actions.
But it is not your fault.

Do not blame yourself for other people’s actions
Because you can only control yourself.
You only have to answer to God about your doings,

Not the ones around you.
God does not give us more than we can handle,
And I pray that you will always remember that.
You can conquer anything that comes your way,
Because you are the strongest person that I know.

You may not understand why the bad things
Seem to happen to the good people.
It is not for you to comprehend,
For it is far beyond your young mind.
You have to remember that you are a child,
And you will have time to grow up.
Do not feel obligated to fix problems,
For you will encounter many of your own.
And most of all, I love you.

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