March 11, 2009
By Corey BRONZE, Greenbrier, Arkansas
Corey BRONZE, Greenbrier, Arkansas
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With lethal tongues they cut at my life
They stalk openly in corridors, clustered like dogs
The holders of hyperbole, the bearers of bombastic
Quipping harsh statements like wolfish scholars
As I receive glances from my peers that scorch my name and tender worth
They slice open my belly and feast like vultures upon my girth
Vile Vulgar Vultures

The author's comments:
I was standing under a dim halo in a parking lot while my peers rambled anxiously about one of my friends we drove by and saw getting a ticket. They threw out theories and excuses and ridiculous opinions on why he got the ticket. They just sat there and gossiped and shredded his name over it, would they have mine were I in the same situation?

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