Silhouette of a Broken Heart

March 10, 2009
By Nichole Meyer BRONZE, Manteca, California
Nichole Meyer BRONZE, Manteca, California
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She looks out the window searching for tomorrow.
Will it ever come or will time just freeze where it's at forever.
Don't try to talk to her; she just wants to wonder about what went wrong
Have you ever seen a girl so sad before?
With tears silently streaming down her cheeks, and glistening eyes,
She screams for love but shies away from your touch.
You can't blame her though; you were standing right behind her the moment her life ended.
She stood hopeless in the rain and breathless in the mist.
Disappearing with her voice she turned and ran away.
Hand in hand she walks with regret, embraces pain and kisses rejection good night.
Trapped in her own confinement she makes peace with the voices in her head.
Every time she gets close to happiness she turns the key and drifts away.
She's slowly removing the stitched on promises off her arm
To free herself from the pain she attached to herself.
With a broken heart and blurry memory she walks down the pavements trying to find the clouds,
You know, the ones that look like hearts.
Light shifts, figures pass, and now it is dark.
Once again she is alone; which is more than she could ask for.

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