I Am The

November 16, 2016
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I am those eyes
that you always
want to find yours
but never quite do
I am also the moon
that fails to wait for
the day to end before
shining brightly
I am the red in the
robin’s feathers
blurring from such
fast wingbeat sounds
I am the sound that
projects from all of
the black speakers
to the very back of
the stadium’s seats
I am the wind that
pulls you back from
where you’re trying to
go to at recess by the
good swings where
we can’t go anymore
I am every old,
lonely road you happen
to walk down on your
way home from the
local park at night
I am the black and white
clock that seems to
slow down whenever
the day is almost over
I am the empty
forest that taunts
you from the car
window on the way
to school sometimes
I am the piano in
the corner in the
shadows of the
bright dining room
where it calls to you
I am the life of the
squirrel that just barely
makes it, racing down the
hot parking lot in the sun
I am the faceless stranger
across the street that
seems to know you
yet you can never quite
remember who it is
I am the fire that stays
calm until you happen
to lean over so it can
let sparks fly into your face
I am the river that
just barely cuts the
edge of your property
so you can’t swim in me
I am the fence of the
neighbors that have
the giant dog that’s
almost scary huge
I am the rain that
collects in the gutters
and reminds you of
sadness and anger and
people crying, alone
I am every night when
you can’t sleep, so you
just look out the dark
window and dream
about someone special
I am the laugh of your
enemies when somebody
trips you in the hallway
on the way to class
I am the answer to the
problem, both the one
from math class and
the life problem of yours
I am the storm of
yelling and shouting
that follows you
around during the day
I am the teacher’s marker
in the corner of your
test that marks your
retake date in red
I am the dirt pile that
you and your friends
all run through with
you that just barely
makes the day
almost okay again
I am the dog
across the block
that thinks that
it’s a wolf and
howls at the moon
I am that one person
who is always by your
side when you need
them the most
I am the school
cello, the one that
you played for the
first time ever
I am the sun that
blinds you as you
cross the finish line
for the last time today
I am the two minutes in
between your classes,
the noisy time where
anything could happen
I am the speeches
of every graduate,
hiding their final
goodbyes in
between the lines
I am the air
you breathe and
the water you
drink and
the land you
run on and
I am also

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