November 15, 2016
By Anonymous


The straightening iron
Burns my ear
As I try to make my hair straight
Today is the first day
Since it happened
That I've gotten out of my pajamas
And stopped eating ice cream

Today I have to do things
Without my mother
On my own

It makes me think of that TV show
where whatsherface

had two dads
How did she do it?
Then again, she was in high school
I'm only in 8th grade

My graduation ceremony is in 4 days
My mother's wakes are today
And tomorrow
The funeral the next day
That leaves the next day

Mom wanted so much
To see me graduate
To hug and kiss me

It feels refreshing
To be out of bed clothes
Stop being curled up
In a small ball
Then I remember
And I want to curl up and cry again

Please mom
Help me be strong for you

I stare at her lifeless body
And then
I lose it
I lose my strength to hold back tears
I try
I fight them back

My father comes over to me
You don't always
Have to be so strong
Let go
He says
So I do
I cry into his shoulder
Longing that it was my mother comforting me

I hope you're proud
Of your little girl
Because you helped her
To be successful
Even from way up there in heaven
I love you mom

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