To My Darling

November 15, 2016

what perfect words could possibly express
what is already perfection
my poems and songs
are miles long
yet they cannot show your beauty

i write that you are an angel
that your beauty is magnificent
yet yet that does not begin to describe
how wonderful you are
your love keeps me alive
my darling
without you i could not breathe
i understand my darling
if you don't
my hads and hadnts
my wills and wonts
my shouldnts and shoulds
you my darling are my will
my wont
my had
my hadnt
my shouldnt
my should
you are everything
and nothing
you are wonderful.
and you are not.
you are mine
mine to love
mine to care for
mine to hold
and mine to be with.
you are my frame
you are my content
you are my mistakes
and my straight A's
you are my good days
and my bad days
you are
my darling

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