November 22, 2016
By , Perth Amboy, NJ

Something’s missing in me,
I’m drowning in this place.
They said college would be good for me,
But all I feel is great sadness.
Each day it feels different,
Some days I feel nothing at all,
Other days all I do is cry for hours.
So, is this really good for me?
The longer I stay here,
The less I get done,
The more I sleep,
The more I don’t care.
The more I hate myself and my life.
I call my parents,
They tell me I’m being dramatic,
But this is just how I feel.
I tell my friends here and they tell me,
It’s not that hard just do it.
But I can’t everything hurts inside of me.
I tell my friends from jersey they tell me,
Its guna be fine do what you feel is right.
I tell my boyfriend,
He tells me to do what makes me happy.
The only problem is that,
I have no idea what makes me happy.
I so sad all the freaking time.
I feel literal physical pain
Every single time I have to go to class.
It takes every ounce of strength in me
Not to just cry during class.
It takes even more strength than that
To merely complete assignments.
I have no motivation, no idea, no hope,
I have nothing here.
So, Why do I continue on with this?

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