Pencil or Pen

November 22, 2016
By Anonymous

The different things that we use to write. Don't effect what we write. All the pencil or pen or crayon or marker does. Is let us write or express ourselves in a special way. As time goes by many things are wrote down. An example of things that are wrote can be shown in many different ways. I go day by day just thinking things through. Wondering what things are really true. Wondering what things are not true at all. Wondering how strong your word to me really is. If I am one hundred peerent the only one. If you really truely want to be with only me forever. If your truely happy being with me. Am I the only one your calling baby? Am I the only one you love with all your heart? Am I the only one you want to be with? Will you lie or will you tell the truth? Will you be there for me through thick and thin? Will you support me and give me hope? Some of us can explain how we feel better by writting. Some are better at saying how they feel with words. Me I write so I can get how I feel and what I think out of my system. I am able to express and think about what is best for us. What is going to happen between us? Are you going to stay faithful to me? Are you even faithful or loyal to me right now? Are you always going to love me? Will you always treat me right no matter what? Will you always respect me for the person I am? Will you ever try to change who I am? Will I always be the only love in your life? Will you always love me for the girl I am and not the girl I'm not? Am I enough to keep you happy? Would you give anything for me? Will everything be ok with us? Am I the only one you call baby? The pencil or pen or crayon or marker that we write with does not justify what we write. 

The author's comments:

I wrote this because the pencil or pen or crayon or marker all resembles people who are over looked or used or broken or beaten down. But no matter what you do to them or how they look something great is going to come from them and they are going to make a difference. 

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