How to be me

November 20, 2016
By , Columbus, MT

To be me

To be me one would have to be able to laugh at all of the little things.

     Laugh at the little things that shouldnt be funny,

     Giggle at your dog as she runs to find the hidden toy,

     Laugh loudly as your brothers do stupid things that they know will get them in trouble.

Take your dog out to the river even when you dont want to,

     learn the best sticks to throw out for her to fetch,

     make sure you dont throw it too far so she can still get it.

Laugh at your dads stupid puns,

     You would have to learn to put up with his stupid humor,

     Put up with his dissapointment when you tell him you dont like the joke.

Learn to spend money,

     Spending money as soon as you get it,

     The truck wont fix itself

     Maybe one day have a lot of money to spend.

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