Forgiving My brother

November 20, 2016
By KyraBosma BRONZE, Kalmazoo, Michigan
KyraBosma BRONZE, Kalmazoo, Michigan
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Did you ever know that you have a sister who turns aways from society,
And buries herself in books and music to hide the fact that she hates the company of others.
Did you know that you have a little sister who is taller than her mother and as tall as her father at at such a younger age,
And she hides her hurting and emotions because it is easier to hide than to share.

Did you know that you have a brother with the same beautiful blue eyes as you,
But when seen they do not warm you, instead they are cold,bitter and lonely.
Did you know that when Grandpa died I had asked father why you're not here and if you’re hurting just like me.

But I forgive you for never asking about us.
I forgive you for slamming that door in their faces.
I forgive you for never sending a “Hey” when I send “Hi”.
I forgive you for never wishing me a Happy Birthday but you say it to your other brothers and sisters.
I forgive you for not calling us family and for not being here.
But will they?

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