A Man and a Bird

March 10, 2009
By Aleak GOLD, Oregon, Wisconsin
Aleak GOLD, Oregon, Wisconsin
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A man walked to and from work
on the same sidewalk everyday
This sidewalk never changed.
His job never changed.
He never changed.
Everyday he continued his routine.


Upon walking home from work one day
He saw her.
A bird.
Injured, twitching, and blue.
She chirped, but quietly
(She seemed to know her fate).

This sight surprised the man
He felt sorry for the bird
So, instead of continuing on with his

He stooped down,
scooped up the bird tenderly,
and carried her home.

There he watched her carefully
as he slowly nursed her back to health.
Soon, she began to chirp loudly,
hop around, and spread her wings.

The man knew then,
that it was time to set her free.

So, the next morning, before work,
he opened the window and
she took flight.
He watched her fly for awhile,
until he could no longer,
and then he left.

That day at work felt different.

Then, that afternoon, on his way home,
following that same sidewalk
He saw her. Again.
The same bird.
In the same spot.
Blue, alive, and waiting.

Upon recognizing him,
She flew to his shoulder,
and sang softly in his ear.

And then that man walked home
With his bird,
His companion,
His love,
At his side.

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