Living With Alsheimers

November 19, 2016

She lies there quiet and confused;
Can barely sound her voice,
Seclusion from society
Was clearly her last choice.

Declination every week
We see difficulty
I never thought in my lifetime
she won’t remember me.

Hard work it is to babysit
A non-responsive brain
Illogical, false sentences,
And long unending pain.

The hospital is one short call
Can’t rid of one adored
But this loved one is not herself,
Herself is now ignored.

It’s odd to watch a person change
To someone they oppose
When their primary being was
as gorgeous as a rose.

Now, all we have left to do
Is remember her before.
Back before disaster hit
This person we adore.

I often think a lot about
How hard that it can be.
The thought that someone dear to you
You are forced to set free.

Knowing after a year of struggles,
Her spirit was released,
All that I can hope
Is that my nana is at peace.

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