The Hidden Side of Us

November 19, 2016

The hidden side of us

The emotions we suppress;

All the gloomy feelings

Versing all the rest

Trapped in our heads,

Cornered in the brain

We pretend to be fine

But the thoughts still remain


We do not want the judgement

We do not want these pains

So what else is there to do

But be tied to these chains?

They would criticize, and 

They would ignore

If our internal selves

Were released from their core


We keep it hidden 
As hard as it can be

For the sake of others

Who believe we are free.

From the terror of panic

And that great misery,

We keep a false beam

To comfort society


As the days and nights pass

And we gain and lose trust

There's the side that is clear, and 

The hidden side of us.

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