Maybe You'll See That I Love You

November 18, 2016

Maybe you were looking at me because I was new or
because I had answered some questions,
But either way, I could feel your eyes on me.
Maybe I looked back at you because I liked your eyes,
Or your hair was a nice color, or you were laughing--smiling, I guess.
That smile.
Every time you smiled--I smiled
But the thing is, you wouldn’t let me stop.
You drove me crazy,
It was crazy lovely loving you--
I thought maybe you knew.

Maybe you’re looking at me because I’m weird, or I’m loud--
Maybe you’re looking at me because I’m smart or pretty or...
Maybe you’re just looking at me because boys stare.
I see you.
I love seeing you.
I love seeing you smile
You still drive me crazy, if you’re wondering.
It is crazy lovely loving you--
If only I could tell you.

You’ll See That I Love
My smile is a gift that few receive
And my sincere interest far fewer.
When I say the word good, I mean bad, but everything is nicer around you
And when I start to ramble it’s because I feel safe.
When you hurry past, I have to concentrate straight ahead
To keep my eyes from flitting to follow you--
Everywhere you are I want to be also.

Light was born in your eyes--
The sun is not the only thing this world revolves around.
Your smile is a brightness
That cannot be made to switch off.
You glow, your radiant spirit
Warms every depression--
When you are around, it is eternally summer.

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