Between Me and You

November 18, 2016
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We started as friends.

Most love stories do, 

But ours didn't end

Between me and you.


We started talking

And out of the blue

I began falling;

falling hard for you.


I didn't think you felt

The same way I did.

So inside myself

My love for you I hid.


And now you're with her.

I just can't accept.

All that we were

I wish we had kept.


I know that I should

Be happy for you.

I wish that I could,

But the heartache's still new.


It makes me sad

to see you together.

All that we were

Is gone... but whatever.


I will push through it.

I won't cry at your name.

It's just not worth it.

I'm done playing this game.


So much frustration.

The future unseen.

Unanswered questions

Between you and me.

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