He Still Loves Me

March 10, 2009
By Amanda Jones BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Amanda Jones BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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I miss his eyes and smile so very much.
How he said goodbye, I'll never forget.
I know in my heart it's more than a crush
Though it's his sweet love I will never regret.

It's not fair to love him this much, is it?
Why would he do that to me- why oh, why?
When I'm near him, my heart begins to flip
Yet when I hear his voice, I want to cry.

He has this control over me, it seems
Like I'm the prisoner and he's the guard.
It's so intense; it makes me want to scream!
Next time I'll know not to fall oh so hard.

So here I think about what used to be,
And I realized that he must still love me.

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