What Daddy Said

March 10, 2009
I asked my daddy why people die
Why people get hurt and cry
Why people have hard times
Why life isn't always kind

My daddy said that people die
So we can see how much we love a person and why
How much they meant to us
And why they were there

My daddy said people get hurt
So we learn to stay alert
How to stay safe
And why we were hurt

My daddy said people have hard times
So we can appreciate the good times
How people learn to persevere
And why bad happens

But, My daddy said life was kind
When people die, we love them more
When people get hurt, we learn to stay safe
When hard times occur, the good ones mean more

Daddy was right
Bad things happen for a reason
They emphasize the good things
Life isn't cruel but it is if you make it

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