Forbidden Love

March 10, 2009
They told me you were wrong,
That they we're right,
Apparently, you knew nothing,
While, they knew everything.

We let our minds wander,
Never thinking of the consequences,
When we're around each other,
Everything dissolves,
Nothing matters.

Facts are made into fiction,
Everything is yet to be set in stone,
New categories are made,
Replacing the old,
Rules are all broken.

We shatter the line that divides,
What more can I say?

Minds a blowing,
Thoughts erasing,
People changing,
As we all grow apart,
Wondering, wishing.

Is this right?
Or is it wrong?
Should we go back?
Or is it too late?

The consequences all come forth,
A flood of memories surface,
We realize we made a mistake,
Now it's too late,
Yet we don't give a crap.

We'll live our way,
Shunned from society,
Give or take,
Who needs them?

One day they'll come,
They'll see our ways are right,
Yet, for now we remain wrong,
Untouched territory for many,
All those who can't reach,
Open up their minds to the new order of love.

We're wondering how it got this way before everyone,
Are we special?
Or did we take the risk that many are afraid of?

With risk there can be reward,
Make no mistake,
Nothing is what it seems,
Everyone's hiding it all in,
Afraid to admit,
Admit to what's inside.

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