The Cursed House

November 15, 2016
By Supercinny BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Supercinny BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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My friends locked me in this haunted house at ten o’clock,
Telling me it would be enjoyable.
Being my naive teenage self I listened
And now all I can do is run run run

The doors creak, the floors groan, the whole house howls with agony,
But through it all I still hear voices whispering my name.
“Justin,” they shrill as I speed up my stride,
“Come stay with us, we’ll be great friends, you’ll really love this place”.

My feet pound the wood floor as I run,
Trying to abscond the cries.
Then I see an open window,
And a thought emerges in my mind

I run to the window as fast as I can
While the house shakes and cracks.
Blood trickles from my arms as I jump through the glass
only to descend into darkness.

No one knows what happened that night,
They all think I vanished.
Everyone told me those friends would betray me
And now I regret not believing them.

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