Where My Mind Resides

November 15, 2016
By DracoRicco BRONZE, Monmouth, Illinois
DracoRicco BRONZE, Monmouth, Illinois
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In the recesses of the mind
Where do I begin
Somewhere between going… going…  gone
Back to the start?
Well I’ve started a lot
Or rather to restart a lot
Each time to try to be smart
Yet each time I’d fall apart
Just like a game I would spawn
It has left me in a bind
The path to my mind
I find it trivial
To be just like a game
I don’t want to be the same
So I guess I’ll have to take the path least taken
Maybe this time I won’t be mistaken

The author's comments:

The idea for this piece came from a camp I recently went to. The way we think is intricate and differs from time to time. Our life can be like a movie with one begining or be like a book, each chapter a possible new beginning to something old.

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