Grandpa's Gone Away Now

March 10, 2009
By peaches BRONZE, Fishers, Mississippi
peaches BRONZE, Fishers, Mississippi
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Grandpa's gone away now hes learning how to fly.

Grandpa's smiles, Grandpa's thooughts seem like they've all been lost.

The smell of his cologne,
the twinkle in his eyes,
the look of happiness that made him glow
have all said goodbye.

I still have the memories of all the things we did.
And even though his appearence is lost, hes not hes simply up above.

I see him in my dreams and ill talk to him at night.

So even though's he's gone away
I know i'll get a hug from the person i love.

The author's comments:
when my grandpa died i was really sad. iloved my gandpa, so i decided i'd write him a poem tht means so much. i think hed be proud of me.

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