I am I am I am

March 10, 2009
By LittleFox SILVER, Hasa, Other
LittleFox SILVER, Hasa, Other
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I am I am I am

Little Fox
I am a sword, as shiny, as sharp, as shift
I am an ocean as vast and open to drift
As seas, I am large as books
Ones you can't just read with looks

I am as shiny with halo as a one good old book
That nobody will pass by and not get a hook
I am such modern with technology
I am nice, 'hey! Where's the simile? What happened to me?'

I am like crystal, clear white, with light
You'll see me shining through the darkest midnights

I am a fox not only clever, but tricky too
I am a wit, witty, whacky, and is ready for you
A fox, I and my family may say
But for me, it's sure, not enough to say 'may'

Hey, my owl eyes caught you, stop the fun
Or else, you'll have to fight both me and sun
The sun you may crush, but me never ever
If you just think of trying, I'll pain your soul forever

My star shines in skies, swimming through knowledge
But me, am like fish, I can swim, limit, one inch

As fast as horses, no, leopards is me
You know how fast they are, so you know me, maybe?

My eyes shine, a lot more than whole me do
So, sense-me sensitive, say somehow, will you?

I thank you, thank him, her, thank everyone
But no one gets thanked more than me when am done

So wait for me to end my turn
Or else my words may tear or burn
My pen, as powerful as a bazooka gun
Can hold your spirit to your nose, while me is gone

I am one, one is me
Number one, 'n' you'll see
A star shining in universe
A blue-hot negative magnitude, like a dead, corrupted curse
The tic tac toc of tic tac toc of me is like Morse
When am angry, nuttin'in this big bad beautiful universe will ever, ever, ever be worse

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