the Good Ole Friend

March 10, 2009
By LittleFox SILVER, Hasa, Other
LittleFox SILVER, Hasa, Other
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As I walk, my eyes look

Left and right but get on hook

Only when a friend is there

Or if there is a nice book

This book flies, with me, to space

It puts me in a very long race

My body may not complete the run

But my brain can do, in ease and fun

And if that book ever gets done

It's still with me, it's never gone

Either in my library, if not

Then either my brain or heart got

It, and kept it in a cool, pure, rate

So it will never meet that fate

When all papers get old and rusty

And the cover is bold and dusty

When the book looks horrible and nasty

When the words look dark and misty

A book with me will always be clear

As clear as crystal, shining so near

So I never get the grief

And I always have belief

That 'my book is fine' and it is so

'My book is gone' no, no and ' NO!

Little fox

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