Long Day In Grand Haven

November 16, 2016
By Anonymous

My afternoon started being retrogressive
The heat in Grand Haven was hotter than a fire,
The heat made me feel overwhelmed

We started walking, it seemed like hours it was really long and a boring,
We got a watered down Coke and some melt down fudge.
We both were excited to finally eat fudge
The fudge was a pillow, although it was a little melted

We looked to our right, the zipper, I felt so intimidated.
Red, blue, yellow, and green all flashed, man it's fascinating,
We got on and it spun around in a flash,

The fudge made our stomach seem aggravating,
We both had all the fudge and coke being shook, whoooa I felt nauseous,
We both felt sick and needed to get of the ride, there was no hesitating.
The ride came to a stop and we were so appreciative

I guess now I’ll just stick with the heat,
Because no matter what I will do I’ll end up sick
The day was very exhausting and vexatious,
After all we were like deer and felt so audacious

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