Me and Myself

March 10, 2009
By LittleFox SILVER, Hasa, Other
LittleFox SILVER, Hasa, Other
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Charming ME

I am as black as night, that's my hair

I am rippled straight, with shine and fair

My hair is a gentleman in his look

With a golden strike, I say it does hook

Looking in my hair is just like dreams

Shining in black and reflecting beams

I am white like milk, I would say

I'm as pure as whole truth, but I may

Turn bloody red with thorns of devil

With a black hole inset, that's my eye, when evil

One look I sting, one look I dare

One look of shock, one look of care

My pupil dances with music in a story

And hardly studies, (pupil)! In history

My teeth dew, shiny, like pearl, like light

They can crush Caesar, or Pharaoh, from might

In the darkest of the year's midnights

They dazzle the moon, bright and white

My star is shining vertex and horizon

And in the sky, zenith and twilight zone

It swims through a very dark and deep ocean

Of fantasy, thought and imagination

It may stay still, shiny, no motion

Or it might reveal my deepest emotions

My eyes flood, yes with tears

But it's in my blood, while my heart tears

As my eyes blink, people may fly

As my teeth cling, people may die

As my hair waves, people may scream

As my hollows speak, people may dream

People do love how I look

The one of them may have a brain- shock

But my look as good as it may be

Is loved by no one more than myself, ME


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