Global Warming

March 10, 2009
By MoaydAbshar BRONZE, Al-hasa, Other
MoaydAbshar BRONZE, Al-hasa, Other
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I have faith on you Human race that you will stop pollution and create a happy face
Please stop this pain so we will have fun again
Please stop this nonsense if you have some sense
Global warming is bad so think about it if you don't think so don't doubt it
Please stop to protect you your family and me
Like my own saying do to be
When I say be I mean be a hero
So you will be something in life and not be a zero
When you die you will lose the life that you had
The life that you could do something in and not be sad
The time will come when we will be in danger
But when that comes will u be a stranger
If you don't want to do something then at least try
So you won't make billions of people cry
If not for us then for your family
Your family is more valuable than a Ferrari that is free
So in time of danger please don't flee
I will not care with what you say
But if you ask to help I will say you may
When you hear you might think am not bright
But in the end I have a better sight
A better sight of what you have done
So when you see it don't act stun
Represent your country if you don't mind
So when you die everybody will know that your heart was kind

The author's comments:
This Poem was made by the support of my great English Teacher Mr. Mohammed Wajjeh.
And I made in about 2 hours and I came 3rd in my class with it.

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