"No More Home Parkour"

November 10, 2016
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Once I was watching TV
A parkour show that excited me
I take parkour classes
Maybe I could do that

I organized a course in the living room
My feet darted off the chairs and obstacles
I completed it numerous times with ease
Sometimes I fell down but it didn’t bring me down

I surged through it for the 50th time
The chair was still until I pounced on it
I cried ouch as my knee struck the couch
It hurt unquestionably bad, thank God it wasn’t broken

After that it was time to dance
I tried not to use my funky knee moves
So even though it looks awesome
You should never do parkour in the living room

I learned you shouldn’t do parkour at home
Cuz it can be dangerous for ya
I’ll just keep it in class
So I don’t kill myself

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