A Dark Room

November 15, 2016

How it’s inflicted from troubling events
Maybe a death of one you loved
Or the fact that everything is becoming too much
And you just can’t handle it

I want to talk about
How those people go home with frowns or fake smiles
behind a veil of despondency.

How they begin to wonder if the words being slapped on their face
Are worth arguing with or finding truth within it


In the end of the day sometimes fear succumbs them
Into a cocoon of darkness and anxiety
Some don’t survive the night, the pain and darkness get to them
Sucking them into an abyssal nightmare
Or maybe into a blurry cloud full of lies and deceit
Injected into their heads by sharp needles and smoking pipes
Or maybe they look into their fridge
And decide to starve themselves for weeks
Wanting to profile themselves as super models
Or just maybe they decide to lacerate their skin with a razor
In comparison to a freshly new cleaned chalkboard.

Or maybe they give up, letting themselves fall with a goodbye
Or a simple glance that said
I’m sorry

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