November 15, 2016

The place where you are supposed to achieve dreams
Success and life
Only that’s the place for me that scares me the most
More than an impending apocalypse
Or going to a job interview

The teachers are sweet
And there’s a saying that,
“A teacher makes a school a home.”
And it’s partly true but it’s partly wrong

The teachers don’t understand what their students go through
Dealing with nasty glares and fists full of gossip
Insults, Hatred and even Fear
That’s why some students don’t like it here.

Some teachers are nice and quite forgiving
They try their best to try but in the end
Sometimes it does more damage than good
Leaving you sitting in a bottomless pit
of lies and no good.

The bullies are unpredictable like
Winter and Fall
They are as unpredictable as Winter is with the Fall or Spring
They will come and go, or stay
It’s your choice whether you want to fall in line
Or get ran over by the Anxiety of

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