Shes Gone

March 10, 2009
By William Dorn BRONZE, Poynette, Wisconsin
William Dorn BRONZE, Poynette, Wisconsin
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How can I continue,
To go on anymore,
When the one I loved,
Walked out of the door.

I feel like im trapped,
A tiger in a cage,
A bird without wings,
Time without change.

I'm lost in complete darkness,
Suffocating, crushing, destroying,
The light of my candle,
Has been blown away.

The chill starts to set,
My body begins to freeze,
The fire in my heart,
Left with the breeze.

Time slows and finally stops,
I crumple to the floor,
As the venom of loss,
Poisons me more.

I cry for what seems like hours,
As realization takes its hold,
I don't eat, sleep, or move,
All I do is sit'.alone and cold.

Finally the trance breaks,
I'm barely alive,
A shadow of my former self,
Eyes red from crying,

My body's weak,
I'm still shaking,
Arms clutching my sides,
As she walks off into the distance,
A memory, nothing more.

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