March 10, 2009
By William Dorn BRONZE, Poynette, Wisconsin
William Dorn BRONZE, Poynette, Wisconsin
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She looks at me,
Tears in her eyes,
Her body is trembling.

She tells me that she's depressed,
And that she's been thinking,
That her life is hell and soon it will be ending.

I pull her close,
My eyes well up,
And my voice is lacking.

For she is the one,
I'd jump out of a plane,
Into shark infested waters,
Climb a mountain, Stop a fire,
Face an army, Die,
In order to save.

Her body trembles,
With each sob,
And Pain fills her eyes.

But all I see is Despair,
Misery, Pain, and Death,
Like Complete darkness on her,
With the candle burning out.

I wrap my arms around her,
Like a fortress wall,
That's protecting something precious.

And fear washes upon me,
Like an oncoming war,
With my troops not prepared for battle,
And even before the war begins,
I've lost all hope.

Like a dry leaf,
Caught in the wind,
She drifts away,
And I am left sitting,
Alone and Cold,
Just like in my nightmare.

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