March 10, 2009
By William Dorn BRONZE, Poynette, Wisconsin
William Dorn BRONZE, Poynette, Wisconsin
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Why do you judge and criticize
Who I am and how hard I try?
Soon your gunna realize
There's a truth down deep inside
And it will show
Through your soul.

This truth could break you
Or set you free,
It could shake the world
And its societies to the core
It destroys cities
And builds bridges.

Its not a plea that I'm singin
But this truth will keep on ringin
Throughout the ears of generations to come
And they will say
'Damn he was right'

This truth could unit the world and its people
And cause them to wander,
Stray, and turn away
From hatred and discrimination

You call this s*** civilization
If so, start walkin in another direction
Its time to shout out
And let the truth be heard

Its time to embrace mortality
Accept reality and factuality
And learn that what you give
Is worth more then what you take

And when someone takes happiness
Security, dreams, and shatters your peace
You fight back,
Not with fists but with words,

If the pen is mightier then the sword
Then what about the spoken word?

Its time to come face to face,
With the lies you've been taught,
And the voices that say 'your nothing' and 'No one Cares'
are true.
Unless you know yourself enough to say,
'F*** you'

The truth is,
You and me,
We have one thing in common,
We have a voice,
And its about time we use it.

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