A Crooked Tyrant

November 15, 2016

A woman stood on the sidelines
Of a sea of light and dark skinned people

Who clinked their thin glassy drinks
And danced amongst each other in feathery gowns
With their perfected speech patterns
And calculated footsteps
As if one mistake would end their world

The major stood in that sea of black and white
Holding a tall glass full of uncalculated plight
He shouted out his accomplishments
Which were hidden with lies
Portraying himself as a hero
When he really was a tyrant

Uncorking the green tinted champagne bottle
He let the flow of alcohol drown his sense of reason and right
And clumsily slipped onto a curtain of white

Once the party of lies was over
The people lumbered through the door
Bent on keeping their damaged ways
And cracked window panes.

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