Memorial Day: A Day of Respect

November 15, 2016
By , Sussex, WI

Memorial Day is a day of sacrifice. It’s a day dedicated to the 624 acres at Arlington, where 400,000 soldiers rest in peace. A day dedicated to the 4,486 soldiers that lost their life in Afghanistan. A day dedicated to the people who fight, so we can live in a safe country.

Memorial Day is a day of honor. We honor the 4,435 soldiers that died for our independence against the British. We remember the 58,220 American deaths in the Vietnam War. We honor the men and women who leave their families. We honor the soldiers that have returned home, and especially the ones who have not.

Memorial Day is a day to remember. We remember the horror the country felt when the second tower fell on that treacherous day in mid September. We remember the 2,499 fellow American citizens that lost their lives on Omaha beach in 1944. We remember the citizens who sacrificed their lives for our sovereignty.

Memorial Day is a day of respect. We respect the 42 million people that have served in the military during a war. And we respect the 1.2 million people that never came home. We respect those that gave up their life for us.

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