The Rainbow's End

March 6, 2009
By Anonymous

Black is what I'm seeing
While I wait for dreams to take me.

The blackness is brightening into blue

As I look, a rainbow spreads across the sky.

On a rock is inscribed:
'Find the beginning of the rainbow
And you will go on a wondrous journey'

So I start walking
To the rainbow's beginning,
While wondering, 'a wondrous journey?'

On my way I pass
Fields of flowers,
Trees with silver leaves,
Miniature animals,
Bushes of chocolate raspberries,
And rainbow colored birds.

I stop to find
A tree towering over me,
It was the most amazing and beautiful tree
I had ever seen!

Every single leaf
Was one of the colors of the rainbow.

I reached up and touched
The nearest leaf.

It felt like my mother's silk pajamas.

As I gazes rapturously at the tree,
I could hear the wing singing through the leaves.

I stretched my neck as far back as I could,
And to my wonder,
I saw the rainbow sprouting from the tippy top!

As I remembered the words on the rock,
I started hoisting myself up the tree,
Trying not to damage anything.

Soon, my arms were aching
From pulling myself up.

I sat down on a branch
To catch my breath.

I looked at how far I had come
And how far I had to go.

I was almost to the top!

Excited, I scrambled to the top

There it was!
Right in front of me!
It looked pretty solid,
So I reached out, cautiously, and touched it

When I thought my hands were going to go through,
An invisible barrier stopped it.

I explored the shape
To find railings on the side.

So I stepped onto the rainbow,
And while I was admiring the view,
It was like an invisible someone had knocked my legs
Out from under me!

I started sliding down the rainbow
Like it was a slide!

I whipped past such tall trees
That I could've reached out and touched the top!

I finally started to slow down
And came to a stop just above
A mini playground.

As I watched, a bell rang,
Signaling playtime!

Miniature cats, the size of your thumb,
Streamed out,
Squealing and tumbling on the playground.

After I had admired the mini schoolhouse,
And the animals,
I stood back up, wondering if I would have to climb stairs.

I started walking, high-kneed,
So I wouldn't trip on the stairs
And found that I was right

Up and up I went
Until I was in the clouds.

I started feeling panicky
'when would I get out of the clouds?'

As soon as that thought popped into my mind,
I broke through the clouds

I gasped as I saw
What was looming over me.

It was a mountain,
A chocolate mountain

Melted chocolate
Was oozing out of the top

It was so close,
That I could reach out and taste it.

'Why not?!'
I thought

So I did just that.

The taste was beyond anything
I had ever tasted!
It was perfect;
Not too cold, not too hot;
It wasn't quite solid, not quite liquid.

After I had eaten my fill,
I moved on.
At the top of the stairs,
I sat down,
Expecting another slide.

Down I went!
Rushing past startled birds
And chattering squirrels
In the treetops.

I slid to a stop
In front of a shop

I noticed that the rainbow
Forked there,
One towards the shop,
The other straight forward

In the shop window,
I could see a sign that said:
'Pick one'

So I went inside the shop.

To my wonder and amazement,
The shop was filled with
Tiny, real and mythical alike, animals.

The shop walls were lined with shelves,
Filled with all kinds of statues

I picked up the nearest one
And inspected it

I was a bird,
A bald eagle.
The likeness to a real one
Was unbelievable

It was as if the bird was poised in flight,
It's wings stretched out wide

I stroked it,
Expecting to feel cold stone.
I had pet a humming bird once,
And this felt almost exactly like it!

Each of the feathers were individual
Its eyes were bright and keen,
Seeming to see into my very soul.

I touched one of it's claws.
It made my finger smart.

I inspected a dozen others,
Two mythical creatures,
Five mammals,
Two insects,
And three other birds.
But none of the other animals
Were as finely detailed as the bald eagle

I went to the counter,
And saw a box

It was empty
Except for one, small bag

I slipped the eagle inside;
It fit perfectly

I glanced around the shop
Once more,
Before I walked out the door

I walked slowly
And reluctantly,
As I knew I was nearing the end

Soon I reached another staircase

I had ascended twenty steps
When my foot sunk down about an inch
Before stopping,
Instead of the solid step

I looked up
And beheld a cloud cavern

My eyes were immediately
Drawn to the object in the center

It was a bed fit for a princess

As soon as I hit the pillow,
I was asleep

The white of the cloud
Faded into black as I opened my eyes
In the real world

I found that I was clutching
A lump in my pocket

I pulled it out
And exclaimed in surprise and wonder

It was an exquisite figure of a bald eagle!

I wonder how it got there!

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