Deaths Last Tears

November 11, 2016
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Flowers scattered across the ground wilting.
Grass growing so tall the name carved in the stone is left unread.
Grey skies littered with clouds looking down with mournful eyes.
The clouds ready to drown us in their tears.

The sound of a thousand screams, so sharp they could cut a diamond.
Somber cries heard from across the way.
Sorrowful looks thrown from all directions.
Empathy laced in an apology.
Birds sing their songs ignorant to the tears being shread.

Death rides upon his horse laughing.
And with him he brings the smell of death and melancholy.
A bitter taste left in my mouth fused with the words left unsaid.
The feeling of warm skin pressed against my own trying to speak with soft words.
Callous rain hits my face and runs to the ground.
Goodbyes never to be said but a gently “See you later” instead.

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