Speak No More

November 9, 2016
By Graceliu BRONZE, Katy, Texas
Graceliu BRONZE, Katy, Texas
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Speak no more of a goblin or ghost

That feasts upon children in their evening roast

For with our devices we brag and boast

Meaningless phrases on a pointless post.


Speak no more of the creatures of the night

That drink our blood and give us a fright

For in this world we stray from the light

And instead of adjusting we fight just to fight.


Speak no more of the monsters creeping in

That kill the innocent and are made of sin

For we believe the best way to win

Is by mistreating others with different color skin.


Speak no more of the evils in the shade

Goblins and ghosts are just stories we made

For compared to a killer with a sharpened blade

I find that reality makes me much more afraid.

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