Do NOT Try To Breath Underwater

November 9, 2016
By N1CKTH4Y3R BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
N1CKTH4Y3R BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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The 12 o’clock sun was beaming down

And heating up the concrete ground
Nolan’s feet began to incinerate and get brown
But it was the sound of splashing that started the countdown

“3, 2, 1, FRONT FLIP!”
He took off undoubtedly quick with good grip
with the biggest smile.
He surged himself into the pool with style
He immediately submerged
his face and the water converged

Nolan sank under the brim
Of the pool
The light got dim
And the water felt cruel
He opened his mouth as the air in his lungs departed
He was being asphyxiated by the water
As he struggled to lift his himself to the surface

Nolan splashed his way out of the water like an otter
“Ahhh! I’m drownin!’ but he wasn’t really
He coughed some more until the air flowed freely


He popped up out of the water to finally respire
The urge to breath was dire
If there’s one thing Nolan learned
It is to not try to breath under water
It might just be better to get sunburned

The author's comments:

This is not a true poem but I tried to make it seem like something that really happened.

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