The Final Game

November 9, 2016
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I lye in my bed with music blaring,
So when I’m on the field, I’m unsparing.
My friend and I are constantly relentless.
If it was a word, we would be resentless.
Thanks to the coach and his selfish ways,
We were one and four as he expects praise.

We were facing an average adversary.
I was feeling like a mercenary.
Before, I fell for every deception.
It was like I had no visual perception.

When I had arrived, I was feeling queasy,
I didn’t know if we’d obtain the victory
I had to put it all behind me,
If I didn’t, I’d be brought to my knees.

We were c***ed, locked, and ready to rock.
I look at the men I’m going to block.
We punt the ball, every man dashing.
My eyes peeled, I looked for the ball as pads were crashing.

“Set! Hit!” I explode off the ball, looking for a subterfuge.
There! I went after the ball, hoping not to look like a stooge.
Play after play, I was having tons of fun.
I knew my dad would be proud of his son.

As the clock ran down, Kenowa came on top.
I think we put Northview into shock.
Kenowa had put the needle in the thread,
but our losing record still gave us dread.

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